September 29, 2023

Prince William wants to muzzle American journalists on a sensitive topic

Prince William travels to the United States of America for an important project.Photo: Imago Pictures

the Royal family

Vera Sibnich

“September 19, 2023: The Prince of Wales, Chair of the Earthshot Prize, will attend the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in New York,” the British royal family said somewhat dryly. Prince William’s upcoming trip to the United States is considered very important for the heir to the throne. The Earthshot Award, which honors the owners of innovative projects in the field of climate protection, is considered one of its most prestigious projects.

William will travel to New York on Monday and the event will be held there on Tuesday. William is scheduled to spend several days in the United States, where his brother, Prince Harry, also lives. There are reportedly no plans to meet his younger brother, who is likely to return from his visit to the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf early next week. And now one royal correspondent ventures a bold thesis: William is said to want to avoid questions about the broken relationship between him and Harry at all costs.

Prince William is working on his portrait

William really wanted to travel to New York last year. But then Queen Elizabeth II died and William had to cancel the planned trip.

The heir to the throne has a tight schedule on the current trip: according to reports, William will meet with UN Secretary-General António Guterres, hold bilateral meetings with delegations from Ecuador and Vanuatu and wade across the Hudson River to draw attention to a special topic. Gradual closure of the water project.

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William was particularly happy to be back in New York, Roya Nikkah reported in “The Sunday Times“.

For her script, the journalist spoke to William’s staff, who provided an insight into why the trip played such a big role for William.

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“The trip is part of his development as a global statesman, which is very important, especially since he became the Prince of Wales. He and his staff have been thinking about how to manage the transition from the Duke of Cambridge to the next king,” he added. A source explained.

William doesn’t let his popularity among Americans distract him. “He’s always focused on getting the job done, doing his job,” one employee said.

The journalist rules out interviewing William

According to journalist Nikha, this focus also includes the fact that William is not planning to give a major television interview. “Following the interviews Harry gave on US television to promote his memoir ‘Spare’, all major TV channels were said to have made William an offer to do an interview.”“, writes Nikah. But she also adds:

The journalist, possibly referring to unnamed sources, is convinced William would only give a TV interview if questions about his brother were ruled out from the start.

Prince Harry is noticeably reserved

Harry himself no longer speaks publicly about his family. The Duke of Sussex was a guest on ZDF’s ‘Sports Current Studio’ at the weekend. In the interview with Katrin Müller-Hohenstein and Sven Vos, he tried to draw attention to the Invictus Games and their participants, and to a lesser extent to himself, which he succeeded in doing. The dispute with the royal family, which had been going on publicly for years, was not a problem.

It remains to be seen whether William will actually give a TV interview as part of his trip to the USA. He is now unlikely to talk about his little brother.