May 21, 2024

Prince Harry: His new main residence is officially the United States of America

Prince Harry has been living in the United States of America since 2020. Photo: ddp images/DPPA

Prince Harry has been living in California with Meghan for several years, and his main residence is now officially there. He is even considering applying for US citizenship.

Prince Harry (39) and his wife Duchess Meghan (42) had already turned their backs on England in 2020 and moved to North America. As can now be seen from publicly available documents, the son of King Charles III. (75 years old) and brother of Prince William (41 years old) officially moved to his main residence in the United States of America.

Harry lives with Meghan and their children – Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2 – in Montecito, California. Documents now published from the British Commercial Registry for Harry's travel organization Travalyst, which was founded in 2019, list the US as the place where he is “usually resident”. Previously, the UK was the main place of residence. The change for Harry, listed here in full as “Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex”, is dated 29 June 2023.

Why was this date chosen?

In June 2023, Harry and Meghan moved from their former official home at Frogmore Cottage in Great Britain. According to British media reports, they returned the keys and all of the couple's belongings that were still on site were shipped to California. A spokesman for the couple had previously confirmed that they had been asked to give up their British home.

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The prince's relationship with his family is considered strained after he and Meghan made serious allegations against the royal family in several television interviews, his autobiography “Spare” and a Netflix documentary, among other things. According to media reports, Charles allegedly began the process of the couple moving out of Frogmore Cottage just days after the controversial memoir was published in January 2023.

After the latest move, there is speculation in the British media, among other things, whether this is a sign that Harry no longer wants to return to his old homeland permanently. At least, he does not hide the fact that he will also accept American citizenship. In February, Will told Reeve in an interview For “Good Morning America”He loves living in the USA. Harry had considered applying for US citizenship at one point. However, such a project is not currently a high priority in his life.