December 8, 2023

Previous day: Release times known

from Oliver Jaeger
Development studio Fntastic would like to finally publish its open-world survival game The Day Before on December 7th. The developer has now clarified when the game will launch in different time zones with global release times on Steam. However, there are still doubts among users.

The release of what may be the most panned game of the year is slowly but surely approaching. It’s about Back in the Day, a survival shooter set in an open world game from Fntastic. There are many controversies surrounding this title, causing the previous day’s release to be postponed several times. This led some fans to question the existence of this game and Fntastic’s additional reports of the previous day were accompanied by sarcasm and spite.

When does the previous day start?

The release now appears to be set for December 7th. Since the previous day’s return to Steam after being temporarily removed from the platform due to a trademark dispute over the name, Fntastic has released a detailed trailer for the game with a synopsis as well as the game’s official soundtrack. It is also now clear at exactly what time the previous day will be activated. Fntastic has published global launch times on Steam. In this country, players can start on December 7 at 7pm – in Early Access, beware.

The Day Before premieres worldwide at these times.
Source: Fantastic

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The numerous pieces of news do not seem to reassure fans, as users in the Steam comments continue to express their doubts. One user is certain that the other day it’s an either/or situation: “Right now, with all the drama and controversy, it’s either going to be a flop or one of the best games in the genre. Unfortunately for them [die Entwickler] Not between them.”

Another user is sure that The Day Before will be like all other games after its release – with a lot of bugs, stuttering, unoptimized, and much more. Additionally, Steam commenters are accusing the developer of deleting comments – and according to one user, it’s likely been doing so ever since Fntastic came back.

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