December 5, 2023

Nintendo Switch 2 may have limited DLSS capabilities – ntower

Rumors about upcoming Nintendo consoles have been growing in popularity in the past few months. According to reports A Developer presentation at this year’s Gamescom Speculations about the exact specifications of the device have been sparked online. Nvidia’s DLSS technology in particular is examined in detail.

DLSS stands for Deep learning supersampling It describes an AI-based technology that can increase gaming accuracy. When using DLSS, games can be displayed natively at a lower resolution and then scaled up. Advantage: Higher accuracy can be achieved using much less pure computing power.

According to a recent report from Technology Magazine Digital Foundry However, the DLSS capabilities of the Nintendo Switch 2 may be limited. The reason for this is the lack of a technology called Deep learning accelerator (Dala). With the help of additional hardware, the computing power needed can be further reduced using DLA. According to information received from Richard Leadbetter, founder of Digital Foundry, Nintendo is abandoning this technical addition. This may be due to the additional costs associated with the hardware.

As a result, if the report is correct, it will likely lead to lower DLSS quality. According to Leadbetter’s review, this could mean inaccurate games on upcoming Nintendo consoles It must have a resolution of 1080p or a maximum of 1440p Become. It is important to stress that this is an unconfirmed rumor to begin with. You can find the original clip from Digital Foundry attached.

Do you think Nintendo Switch 2 will take full advantage of DLSS?