May 23, 2024

Police warn of 'new voicemail' SMS

Police warn of ‘new voicemail’ SMS


Police warn of ‘new voicemail’ SMS

Scammers are currently sending SMS messages and asking users to click on a link to listen to a new purported voicemail. But behind it are Android malware.

Extreme caution should be exercised with SMS “New Voicemail”.

Photo: Bruno Kissling

(lpfl/wo) If you click on the link, an application is installed on the mobile phone and with it the Trojan. Scammers control cell phone SMS messages. They then send large numbers of SMS to other potential victims at the victim’s expense to steal personal data. To do this, they use the contact details of the cell phone.

State Police advise:

• Under no circumstances click on the link in the SMS
• Do not download any unknown applications on your mobile phone
• Delete SMS

How to proceed once the app is installed:

• Reset the phone to factory settings
• Inform your carrier
• Block your credit card and order a new one
• Change the login details to the ones you used
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• If you use Gmail, change one of your login credentials
another device

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