PowerToys: Windows 10 receives an espresso tool

Microsoft Power Toys for Windows 10 has got a new handy tool. It’s supposed to prevent Windows from “sleeping”.

Microsoft currently offers a file

PowerToys version 0.37.2 for download.
The number of assistants will be increased with the next release, the developers have now announced. A tool called “Wake Up” will be added which has been in development for a long time and was also called “Espresso” at that time as

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It can be found.

the tool "espresso" (codename) will be added to Microsoft Powertoys


‘Espresso’ (codename) will be added to Microsoft Powertoys

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The term “Espresso” says what purpose the “Awake” tool is supposed to serve: the new Powertoy is supposed to prevent Windows from “hanging out” when the user doesn’t want to, eg because a bigger download is being done or the computer is being kept awake for some reason else. This tool is not new,

do not sleep
It does almost the same job.

The new gadget’s surface design shows that the user has the choice via switches whether to keep Windows 10 awake until the stay-awake mode is deactivated, or only for a certain period of time. According to the developers of Powertoys, version 0.39 of “Awake” will be added to the toolkit.

These powerful games already exist

The following tools are currently available in

Powerwise 0.37.2
To get rid of it:

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