June 20, 2024

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Google Chrome reports a security vulnerability

Google Chrome identified an internal security vulnerability. About two million users have been warned.

The basics in brief

  • Google warned two billion users of a security vulnerability.
  • With the latest update, the system can be secured again.

Almost 2 billion customers use it مليار Google Chrome every day. Now a security hole has appeared, whereby all users have been immediately warned. No wonder if it’s on almost everyone الجميع second deviceWho can access the web, have Google installed. Accordingly, the risks are very high and therefore sensitive if a serious security hole is found.

Commenting on a Google blog post doesn’t seem particularly dangerous. “Google is aware that the CVE-2021-30554 vulnerability is there.” For the average user, this does not mean much, but for programmers, it means a red alert.

The Chrome vulnerability was immediately exploited by hackers

With the term “there”, Google wants to say that also indirectly hacker About this weakness already to know. The real problem is that hacker data Malware (so-called “malware”) can be stolen or found in systems.

Experts talk about this situation as a “zero-day exploitation”. This means that programmers have not had a day to do anything about it hacker Already took advantage of the weakness.

google hat latest update Fix vulnerabilities. If you still have an older version, you should update and install the new version immediately.

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