September 29, 2023

Samsung is developing graphics memory for the next generation of GPUs

from Sven Baudouin
Samsung Electronics has started mass production of GDDR7. The new graphics memory should be particularly efficient and designed with memory speeds of up to 32Gbps, especially for next-generation graphics cards. Gaming, high-performance computing (“HPC”), GPGPU acceleration, and artificial intelligence benefit from this.

As announced by Samsung Eleftronics and Samsung Foundry, mass production of GDDR7 with speeds up to 32Gbps has begun. In direct comparison to the previously faster GDDR6 with 24Gbps, the speed increases by about 33 percent, while the maximum bandwidth increases from 1.1TB/s to 1.5TB/s. By reducing the supply voltage from 1.35V to 1.2V, the efficiency should be 20 percent better than GDDR6.

Source: Samsung

Samsung GDDR7

Source: Samsung

GDDR7 is said to use three-stage pulse amplitude modulation (“PAM-3”) to transmit signals. A 25 percent improvement in energy efficiency can be assumed in this sub-field. The Geforce RTX 5000 (“Blackwell”) is trading as the first GDDR7 memory clients.