July 12, 2024

Microsoft is taking legal action against leaks

Microsoft is taking legal action against leaks

Windows 11 will be officially presented tomorrow, Thursday. Several leaks diminish the impact of WOW. That’s why Microsoft is thinking

The basics in brief

  • Microsoft will officially introduce Windows 11 tomorrow, Thursday.
  • But the operating system is already online.
  • The software giant is trying to legally confront this fact.

On the Internet you can find Microsoft new operating system Windows 11 quite a few leaks. There is more and more. Not only the first screenshots, but also full versions of the operating system are making the rounds on the Internet. In order to put an end to this, the software company relies on a legal approach.

Microsoft relies on ‘DMCA’ lawsuits with Google

All over the world now in The Google Several regional representatives requested that all relevant findings be removed.

These are copyright complaints in Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The goal is those pages that Building ISO career Posted.

It is not yet known exactly how the operating system was leaked, but it is likely due to a vulnerability at Microsoft. In the company itself, some bosses are likely to trade soon. With these complaints, the “Windows 11” title is now practically confirmed.

Windows 11 is safe

It only takes a day before Microsoft holds the presentation on the “Biggest Update of the Decade for Windows”. So the theme of the event should be clear.

As with Windows 10 that was leaked before some years, but there may still be a surprise or two. Here, too, there were previously leaked versions that did not correspond to the final version.

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