Pirates instead of gentlemen: The British risk their good reputation

AstraZeneca vaccine suspicious hoax illustrates just how hostile the European-British relationship threatens Brexit.

Who doesn’t know the beautiful song from 1987’s Sting’s English in New York? “Modesty, modesty can lead to fame,” he sings, and “Kindness, seriousness is rare in this society.” Sting celebrated author and bohemian Quentin Crisp, who was one of the first LGBT people in the UK in the 1950s and 1960s to stand up to abuse, violent assaults and criminal prosecution with wit, courtesy and courage.

Erect person opposes the rudeness of the world with an umbrella, glamor and a bowler hat. This is how we English lovers imagine the ideal of the British. Fairness, gentleman: These are moral terms with universal appeal that shaped the image of the British from this island in the North Atlantic (even if they were the former subjects of the empire, especially if they were not white, and often they were alone) The body had to learn that reality The British is completely different to them).

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