May 23, 2024

Piega Premium Wireless Gen2 | active speakers

In a recent press release, Swiss-based manufacturer Piega announced a carefree all-in-one package for digital broadcasting and audio music playback, consisting of active speakers and “invisible” subwoofers.

Piega Premium Wireless Gen2: There is a choice of three amplifiers and two drivers

Encased in the usual aluminum casing, the new line of Piega speakers consists of three different active squares and two drivers. The Piega Premium 301 Wireless Gen2 is a compact two-way speakerphone, and the other two models with “starting numbers” 501 and 701 are three-way floor models. All three amplifiers have one amplifier stage per direction.

From left to right: the three Piega loudspeakers Premium 501 Wireless Gen2, Premium 301 Wireless Gen2, and Premium 701 Wireless Gen2

Unlike the first generation of the premium wireless series, the new generation does not have a bass reflex casing, which should not only improve impulse response and bass accuracy, but also more flexibility when it comes to installation.

If you have an Apple smartphone, you can use the Piega Control app to measure the room’s acoustics. The app also has an equalizer for adjusting the sound to personal preferences.

Piega Connect Plus: hub and streaming unit

Piega Connect Plus is an amplifier and streamer in one package

Piega connect and Piega connect plus both serve as wireless players and speakers. The first is equipped with an analog control input and two digital inputs (S / PDIF optical and coaxial). The latter also comes with a streaming function over WLAN and additional digital inputs (3 x optical, 1 x coaxial, USB and HDMI ARC). Both devices can be completely “hidden” or placed near a wired source, because they can be controlled with either a two-way wireless remote control or the Piega Control app.

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Of course, digital music signals are forwarded without compression algorithms with a resolution of up to 96 kHz and a word width of up to 24 bits.

the prices:

  • Piega Premium 301 Wireless Gen2: from €2,950
  • Piega Premium 501 Wireless Gen2: from €5,950
  • Piega Premium 701 Wireless Gen2: from €7,500
  • Piega Connect: 290 euros
  • Piega connect plus: 590 euros


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