April 13, 2024

PES 2022 gets additional exclusive licenses

PES 2022 gets additional exclusive licenses

Konami could secure additional exclusive license rights for PES 2022. FIFA 22 suffers from this.

The basics in brief

  • Konami and EA are negotiating the exclusive rights to clubs and competitions.
  • Now, Konami has acquired the licensing rights from several Italian clubs.

In football simulation, there has been a huge rivalry between FIFA and PES for years. this leads to she Konami has bargained bitterly over licensing rights. Concerning the rights of clubs and competitions.

Other top Italian clubs follow Juventus

long suffered from it Only PES players. But in the end Konami managed to get their rights Juventus Turin To believe in. This resulted in FIFA players Ronaldo and associates only in fiktiven club piedmont calcio can play.

Shortly before the release of PES 2022, Konami managed to secure more exclusive rights. Lazio licenses and as romAnd the Atalanta Bergamo And Naples at the Japanese Toy Factory.

weaken the competition

This of course not only makes PES 2022 more attractive, but also significantly weakens its rival FIFA 22. for players Popular football simulation EA Is this another setback? It is very likely that Konami will stage other similar coups in the next few years.

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