April 13, 2024

Unlock the smartphone on demand: here’s how

Hardly anyone knows the possibility of unlocking a cell phone with a voice command – with any “magic word”. How to set up the feature on your smartphone.

There are various ways to unlock an iPhone or Android smartphone. However, what is missing from all devices is unlocking by voice. However, both Apple and Google have built a functionality into their systems that makes this possible.

However, if you want to use voice command unlock, you have to activate the feature yourself using a little trick in the settings. We will show you how to unlock iPhone and Android phone. Not only can this be practical, but it can also cause a stunning look.

Unlock iPhone with voice

In just a few steps, a gesture can be created that can be executed with a voice command.

Image: Image: screenshot/chip

The “magic word” can be set individually on the iPhone – it can be a single word or even a whole sentence.

  1. open the “your smartphone settings and contact the areaAccessibility” on me.
  2. Now select the itemvoice controlafter that “customize commands and nowCreate a new order.
  3. Now name the command. Important: The name is also the subsequent simultaneous voice command you use to execute the command or unlock your iPhone.
  4. Then select under “an act” the point “Perform a custom gesture.
  5. In the last step, the code sequence must be entered. However, the numbers are not displayed on the screen. Spots can be marked with a small piece of tape, tessa or similar in order to hit the mark properly.
  6. complete! If you want to unlock the device now, just say the previously specified command.

Unlock Android smartphone by voice

The smartphone can also be unlocked via voice commands on Android.

Image: Image: Screenshot

If you want to unlock your Android smartphone by voice, you must use the “Trusted Voice” function. Starting with Android Lollipop 5, this feature is available. Before you can begin, you must set up a screen lock and activate or set an unlock code.

  1. open the “your smartphone settings and contact the areadevice security on me.
  2. Choose “secure lock settingsafter that “smart lock Confirm this with your code.
  3. Now select the itemreliable voice out of place.
  4. In the next step, activate the item “on every screenso that voice recognition is also done on the lock screen.
  5. Finally, activate the point “reliable voice.
  6. complete! Now it is enough to say “Ok Google” to unlock the smartphone. Practical: The device recognizes the owner’s voice, so he can only unlock the device with the voice command.

Smart Lock or the “Trusted Voice” functionality was recently restricted by Google and is no longer available on many new devices for security reasons. Unfortunately, this also means that the voice unlock option is no longer available.

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