People who do not have tickets try to come to Wembley «

Fans without tickets trying to get into Wembley Stadium

A video circulating on Twitter shows crowds of fans without tickets battling against security in front of Wembley Stadium in order to somehow gain access to the stadium. 67,500 spectators were admitted to the finals, and Wembley holds over 90,000.

Two hours left until the final!

Euro Peaks and Flounder

The winners and losers of this Euro have already been decided before the final match. Filled stadiums and decisions made too late created a topic of conversation. Overview:

Coronation of England, which hardly has any ‘own’ coaches

Gareth Southgate Can do with the final win today as a coach England Make it immortal. Southgate is generally one of the few active home football coaches working on the top floor of football. at Premier LeagueIt is arguably the best league in the world, with only four local coaches working. Columnist for a small newspaper Roman Mahlish Addressing the topic:

3 hours until kickoff!

England fans are really crazy in London

‘It’ Coming Homme’: British comedian presents the ultimate fragrance

“An aromatic cocktail made with pork rind and Stella Artois beer”It is the ultimate fantasy fragrance for British-Zimbabwean comedian Monya Shuwa Presented in a one-minute clip on social media. It was named after England’s motto “It’s Coming Home”. It comes with the man.. “After two sprays, your girlfriend can suggest to you,” Showa says of the fragrance, adding to the information about the payment method: “We accept sterling, unlike some of you.” Raheem Sterling He may have been England’s best player in this European tournament so far, but he’s not completely immune to cash, in the UK the pound sterling is the official currency.

4 hours until the showdown!

When Andrea Pirlo broke up Panenka against England

last time when Italy in the final European Championship Standing, one of the most painful defeats in the history of “Squadra Azzurra” went on. At Euro 2012 Italy had to face the power of football final then Spain Give 0: 4 defeated. On the way to this final, the Azzurri defeated England in the fourth final. After 120 minutes without goals, the penalty shootout, the “favorite discipline” of the English, had to decide. Italy surpassed 911 Ricardo Montolivo At first it lags behind, the playmaker Andrea Pirlo As Italy’s next shooter, he dismantled Panenka and left Joe Hart It looks very old. He never met an English player after that, and Italy reached the semi-finals thanks to two converted penalties.

Literary balance sheet for Euro 2020

Valerie Fritsch, Franzobel and Egged Gstatner: You have improved the Euros at Kleine Zeitung with your texts – and separately, but somehow together, you are putting together your balance sheet for this historic European Championship. Here you can read the literary balance sheet for the euro:

5 hours left until the final!

Harry Kane’s wife wrote a touching love letter

England star نجم Harry King He has a chance to make history today. As a captain, the 27-year-old can make his team first EM-Address at England He shot history, with a weakness that could even secure the scorers’ crown. A few years ago, this scenario was still a bold dream. Ken’s wife looks at this time Kate Now she’s back in a love letter to Harry, which she posted on Instagram:

“You know I don’t cry easily, but when I wrote how proud you make us all and what you do for the country, tears came to me,” she wrote. “I laughed at you when we started out and played penalties with my brother Tom and Sheamus the dog and said one day you would be the captain of England. But that’s what you are – you set a goal and got there and said I was always going to the Euros to get to the finals.”

“You are a wonderful husband and father, the kids can’t wait to come home,” Kate, who has three children with Harry, wrote. “Imagine telling them all about this summer when they grow up. We all love you so much Skipper. Bring home the country title, you deserve to win the title with this amazing England team on the rise!”

England coach Southgate thanked fans in a video clip

England coach Gareth Southgate has it before EM- Final Addressed to English audiences with a video message. The 50-year-old said, “I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for the wonderful support we’ve received in this tournament. We hope we represented you in the right way and that you loved seeing us play,” he said. Southgate also thanked all their “amazing” players and staff who helped England reach the final for the first time in 55 years. “But of course we also know we have to help you now. So we’ll do everything we can. Your support and energy gave us a huge boost.”

Expert Jonny Ertel believes that England will be European champions

Perhaps there is no better Austrian who knows English football in all its aspects Johnny Ertel. The guy from Graz played on the island for five years (Crystal Palace, Sheffield United, Portsmouth FC) and, according to his own admission, loved life there. So it’s clear from the 38-year-old who will keep his fingers crossed in today’s final.

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6 hours until kickoff!

The head of the delegation Gianluca Vialli deliberately forgot the bus

When the Italian national football team wanted to leave for the European Championship finals in London, someone lost in the bus: the head of the delegation Gianluca Vialli Azzurri seems to have been forgotten at first in the EM neighborhoods of Florence. Finally, the 57-year-old rushed and got on the bus late.

Funny mistake? No, on purpose, as revealed by Italian media. Before the electromagnetic teams’ opening match against Turkey, the team almost forgot about Vialli in the quarter-finals. And because that brought a lot of luck in the next 3-0 win over Turkey, it became a regular ritual. Before every European Championship game, Vialli had to wait for the bus to leave and then rush out.

Prince William: ‘The whole country is behind you’

British Prince William (39) England kept their fingers crossed in the European Championship final against Italy. “Really can’t believe this is happening. So exciting! Wish you all the best,” Prince, who is also the FA president, said in a Twitter video posted on Sunday at Trend. National coach Gareth Southgate And the English team surrounding the captain Harry King.

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7 hours until kickoff!

The Italian League prepares for the final with a motivational video

Ahead of Sunday’s final, the Italian Football Association published a short compilation of the latest training session on Facebook to prepare fans at home for the final against England.

Michael Solbauer, ex-Barnsley Corps member: ‘We don’t have a place in any pub’

Carinthian Michael Solbauer He is already training with his new club in Dresden. But what happens in Barnsley and all of England, the former WAC captain saw with his own eyes. “We wanted to watch the match against Denmark with a few of our teammates and we didn’t have a seat in any pub in town,” says Sollbauer. The successes of the Three Lions provoked a wave of ecstasy.

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1982 The world champions and the queen keep their fingers crossed

Before the European Championship final against Italy, Queen Elizabeth II wished the England team good luck. In a short message to the team manager Gareth Southgate The Queen hailed the “spirit, dedication and pride” of the team that will play their first European or World Cup final in 55 years in front of a home crowd at London’s Wembley Stadium on Sunday night.

The world football champions in Italy since 1982 wished the Squadra Azzurra well ahead of the European Championship final and looked to the future. “The Azzurri. In these weeks we’ve seen a lot of us and our history again in you, sportingly and personally. In your courage, in your passion, in your collective sense, in your progress after a difficult time,” wrote the legend team goalkeeper Dino Zoff In a message in the “Gazzetta dello Sport”.

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Comment: The end of the game is the highlight

It can now be speculated as to whether other teams will be allowed to claim the right to participate in the finals. In a purely playful way, the process can be postponed indefinitely. But the diversity of football prevents that, thank God.

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