June 17, 2024

Only 10 days in office – after Nazi allusions: Finnish Minister Gunila resigns – News

  • The first resignation took place already in Finland’s new right-wing government.
  • Economics Minister Wilhelm Gönella of the right-wing populist party “The Finns” has resigned – after only ten days in office.
  • The background to this is Gonella’s earlier statements, which are intended to point to National Socialist symbolism.

He said that given the continued existence of the government and the reputation of Finland, he considered it impossible to continue as a minister in a satisfactory manner. However, he still enjoys the confidence of his party and parliamentary group. According to radio station Yle, Junnila is the shortest serving in Finland’s history.

Prime Minister furious over ’embarrassing’ issue

The four-party coalition around Urbaugh’s conservative National Coalition party and the “Finns” party was sworn in just a week and a half ago. Subsequently, Jonella’s links to right-wing extremists came into the spotlight of public attention.


Wilhelm Gonnela during the vote of confidence on June 28.

Eva Maria Brodros/Lettikova via AP

He narrowly escaped a vote of confidence in Parliament on Wednesday, but pressure on him and the government remained high. President Sauley Niinisto, who usually refrains from making such comments, called the situation an embarrassment for the government.

The criticism of Genella related, among other things, to statements he made during the parliamentary elections in the spring. There he congratulated another candidate from his party on the 88th list, the same candidate he received in the 2019 election. Neo-Nazis consider the 88th code for “Heil Hitler”.

Junnila is said to have made joking comments about the number beforehand. He recently apologized for this on Facebook. Over the years he joked in a way that, in retrospect, struck him as silly and childish, he wrote, according to Yle. Entry is no longer online.

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