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Olympia 2021: Hugo Barrett of Canada criticizes the jury's decision after falling into the Keren

Olympia 2021: Hugo Barrett of Canada criticizes the jury’s decision after falling into the Keren

The criticism continued: “Don’t stop the Kirin race. The race is almost stopped because of the fall.”

His fall on the next lap didn’t interest anyone, the Canadian complained: “You could have run over me, that wasn’t a problem. I’m speechless.”

When asked about his British opponent, Jack Carlin, Barrett said: “He should have been left out but Britain can get away with anything.”

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In the March of Hope, the 30-year-old took only fourth place. Barrett’s Olympic Games dream is over.

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The Canadian tried to explain his intense disappointment: “Kiren is just a discipline of me. I’ve been so well prepared and waited so long. I broke my back, broke some vertebrae, and almost all the bones in my body. But most of all of this made the decision hurt me. As if someone was saying, ‘” We don’t want you to win and we can do whatever we want. It’s really hard.”

Carlin, criticized by Barrett, finished eighth at the end. The Olympic victory in the Kirin went to fellow Briton Jason Kenny ahead of Muhammad Aziz Al-Hasani Awang of Malaysia. Germany’s Maximilian Levy finished sixth in the final.

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