May 22, 2024

November 24 |  Knowledge Day Canada: The Complete Program - Register Now for Free!

November 24 | Knowledge Day Canada: The Complete Program – Register Now for Free!

Ontario is the latest addition to Canada’s Knowledge Day program. First Nations play an increasingly important role in Canadian tourism.

Two amazing panels and eleven (!) webinars: Knowledge Day on November 24th is a must for anyone looking to improve Canadian consulting and sales. It starts at 12pm – but of course you can choose individual program items.

Six Hours of Knowledge on Aharnland: Canada Knowledge Day on November 24 at Counter Place offers rich information and assessments for strategy, consulting and sales – and it’s completely free. So now Sign in!

Two panels improve sales strategy

The timing couldn’t have been better: Canada’s demand is high, and customers looking to travel to hot spots in the 2023 summer season can still get skills and lower prices.

Two advisory groups will help: 12:00 p.m. The question of where Canadian business is going – critical to efficient planning of resources and sales. Finally at 5.25pm ​​there are specific sales and advice tips – from early booking to alternate seasons and regions to online training.

The webinar schedule is also interesting: a new tutorial starts every 25 minutes, including locations in Alberta, Atlantic Canada, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Ontario and Saskatchewan, and Air Canada, Domestic Tourism Association of Canada, Rocky Mountaineer, Sun. Peaks and via rail. Of course you can select individual panels and webinars – see the schedule below. Now counter place is free on schedule Sign in!

Two panels at a glance

Noon At 12.30 pm It’s about them Business development. Barbara Ackerman (Destination Canada), Philip Dedmer (TER Tourist), Frank Hartung (Air Canada) and moderator Holger M. Jacobs (FVW Median) explores how Canadian business has grown and what it looks like in 2023:
Location: Number of guests and sales development 2022
Flights: Competition, Affiliates, Capabilities, Usage, Prices
Vehicles: Availability and prices for rental cars and campers
Sections: Hot spots and alternatives
Climate: Limit the peak season
Distribution: Importance of tour operators and travel agencies
Forecast: Trends 2023

Afternoon From 5.25 p.m It’s about certainty Advice and sales tips. Christine Lingeman (Destination Canada), Martina Schaefer (Travel Alberta) and a travel agency representative from the Canada Specialist Program are also on board.
Registration: When to book – in which order?
Prices: How expensive is Canada – how does the customer save?
Alternatives: What season or travel area?
Specification: Be better than online portals
Internal Note: A Canadian product is unusual
Training: Where to get fit, where to google?

These experts provide insider tips

INFO AND INSPIRATION: On November 24th you have the opportunity to get to know Canadian product and destination experts in person and benefit from their insider knowledge in ten exciting webinars. Four experts are connected live from Canada and will present in English*. There are:

  • 12.50pm – Destination Ontario: Ralph Leib
  • 1:15 pm – Air Canada: Frank Hartung
  • 1:40 pm – Tourism Saskatchewan: Michaela Arnold
  • 2:05 pm – Northwest Territories Tourism: Michaela Arnold
  • 2:30 pm – Atlantic Canada: Thomas Vogler
  • 2:55 pm – Travel Manitoba: Karin Schreiber
  • 3:20 pm – Inland Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC): Tamara Littlelight, Ryan Rogers*
  • 3:45 pm – Travel Alberta: Martina Schaefer
  • 4:10pm – Rocky Mountaineer: Sarah Revell*
  • 4:35pm – Sun Peaks Resort: Colin Prost*
  • 5pm – Via Rail: Karin Gomez, Josephine Wash*
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* Presentation in English