May 23, 2024

Canada is our outer heart at the Qatar World Cup

Canada is our outer heart at the Qatar World Cup

Not Emily’s hands, but her involvement.Image:

Hop Swiss Canada

Of course, our hearts belong to the Swiss national team at the World Cup. A matter of respect. But there is still enough room for the second team in one corner of the heart. That’s it for us in Qatar: Underdog Canada.

Ralph Miles
Ralph Miles

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Italy has a long history as the favorite team of many Swiss people. But the “Squadra Azura” is missing from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (in which Switzerland is complicit, but it is Both teams won the qualifiers)

Who should be the second team after the Swiss national team? Who should we keep our fingers crossed for?

Qatar: To us at Watson, the case is as clear as the sun setting on the Canadian desert sands.

Over the years, our Canadian video editor Emily has been bringing us closer to the differences between the two countries. And with his videos in the series «Emily National» We Swiss learned more about Canada than any geography teacher ever taught us.

Canadian National Anthem in Swiss German

Video: Watson/Emily Engent

In return She learned to play jazz Play Alphonse And Swissdutch. Some say they now understand better than Emily Our home Valais Sergio. This is of course an outright lie and we would never dare criticize a Wallisian in relation to a world football event. It’s finally Very possible It is almost certain that one day Sergio will become FIFA president.

Because Valais is still – I emphasize: still! – There is no World Cup team (Wales ≠ Wallis), it’s Canada. Not only can we give something back to Emily with our support, but we can also thank Celine Dion’s victory for Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest years later. That was in 1988 and a long time ago, the song contest was still called the “Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson”.

“Ne partes pas sans moi” – sung by Celine Dion, lyrics by Nella Martinetti.Video: YouTube/juan8969

Can Canada become world champions in Qatar? Frankly, the chances are slim. Others would say: absolutely impossible. In this order, Belgium, Croatia and Morocco teams are in Group F.

But faith can move mountains. Many of them are not only in Switzerland but also in Canada. The Maple Leafs will not have the ability to leave Qatar with the World Cup in hand. So they are outside our heart.

So we always look after our second team before and after the match. Canadian national player Liam Miller from FC Basel explains in an interview how the team wants to appear. Former Canada international Daniel Imhof, who spent long spells with FC St.Gallen and VfL Bochum, rattles off his memories for us. We introduce the most important players of the team – and of course we go with Emily in excitement.

That’s why many of us schoolboys shouted at school: Hop Swiss Canada!

Insult or pick-up line? – Swiss German test

Video: Watson

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