Great Britain: new difficulties |

“Brexit in early 2021 brought huge changes with it – for all those involved in the movement of goods,” says Claire Capstick-Dale. She is Vice President of UPS’s Coyote Logistics, a supply chain solutions company that brings shippers and carriers together. Capstick-Dale knows what you’re talking about. Even before Brexit, I organized a trans-channel broadcast of Coyote from the EU to the UK and vice versa for many years. She stressed that “the changes brought about by Britain’s exit from the European Union are not over yet. The real challenge will not come until this year.”

The main reason for this is that simplified import at the British border, which in 2021 gave senders up to six months to register their imports in the UK, is no longer possible since January 1, 2022. In other words: since the beginning of the year the goods must already be at the time of import. ..

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