Great Britain: Family buries dog – then animal believed dead suddenly reappears

Great joy after a sad farewell

The family buries the dog – and then the animal, believed to be dead, suddenly reappears

Maisie, the dog, got scared by the fireworks and ran away.

Cody Hutton, Facebook

A family in the UK is deeply saddened to bid a tearful farewell to their beloved spaniel Maisie. The dog was missing for five days – and then the runaway dog’s body was found, according to English news magazine “Dailymail”. The Hutton family are deeply saddened by the burial of their beloved dog. But then it turned out: they buried the wrong dog! Her beloved dog Maisie appeared out of nowhere – alive and kicking.

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“she ran away”

On the night of Bonfire Night (5.11), a folk festival in Woodbridge, England, 26-year-old mother Cody Hutton walked through town with her dog, Maisie. To calm the dog down, she got out and opened the car door – and a firecracker went off. Startled by this, Maisie immediately ran away from there.

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“She ran away. Out of the car,” Cody Hutton told the DailyMail. Within three hours, a team was formed and immediately went in search of the beloved pet. But as the night approached, Maisie still had no trail, and everyone was very worried. .

Shocking call

Maisie the dog

The family was overjoyed when they got their dog Maisie back.

Cody Hutton, Facebook

On Monday morning (7.11), the Hutton family received a terrible call: the body of a runaway dog ​​had been found. “We believed it was our Maisie based on the tail and leg prints,” says Hutton. Due to this, the family buried the dog in their house. Everyone was grieving, including their three-year-old son, Taylan. “I told Taylon she was now a star in dog heaven. It was devastating,” Hutton said.

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The happy surprise continues three days later

Five days after the disappearance, the twist: an elderly couple caught a stray dog. Hutton area was immediately informed and they rushed to the spot. And then came the big surprise: it was actually her Maisie! Even the spaniel couldn’t contain his excitement and squealed with delight when he saw his owners. Hutton told the Daily Mail: “I thought she was gone. I thought I’d never see her again. I still can’t believe it’s my Maisie.”

Maisie, who traveled 17 miles, was almost unharmed after her journey, with a mild infection. (xas)

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