December 5, 2023

Nosferatu: This is how you recognize a spider


You can recognize the Nosferatu spider by these features

The Nosferatu spider is in season again in the fall, returning to our living rooms. You can find out by some features if you also have one of these eight-legged friends in your home.


Spider has some characteristics. Its color is yellowish black.

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  • The Nosferatu spider is native to southern Europe and northern Africa.

  • The eight-legged friend is now our citizen too.

  • The animal has special characteristics.

Its body size reaches five centimetres, which is much larger than local spider species. More and more Nosferatu spiders are spreading in Switzerland. It was native to North Africa and the Mediterranean region. Benefits from dry, warm summers. Last year the spider was already present in the cantons Aargau, Lucerne, Bern, Basel and Zurich observer. It is usually discovered in or on buildings and is rarely discovered in the wild.

Spider Nosferatu has these characteristics

But how do you know if you have one of these things in your home? Like all spiders, the Nosferatu spider has eight legs. They are hairy and curly. The size of a legless spider ranges between 1 centimeter and 1.8 centimetres. The eight-legged friend also has special characteristics. Its color is yellowish black. The graphic on the front body resembles a skull or the Nosferatu character from the classic silent film of the same name. It also has a black spot on its belly and a sturdy body.

The animals are also equipped with venomous claws with which they can bite, reports. However, in severe cases, the consequences are at most comparable to a bee sting. The magazine suspects that the animals were inadvertently introduced by travelers or through the transport of goods and thus spread.

Fear of spiders, also known as arachnophobia, is a specific phobia in which sufferers exhibit panic reactions to a specific object, in this case a spider.

Arachnophobia is the most common specific phobia worldwide, which is why there are so many people affected by it. But the question remains: Where does this fear of long-legged reptiles come from? The fact that spiders attack people is extremely rare.

Even if they do, in most cases native species cannot cause serious harm. However, some people view a spider sitting peacefully in the corner of a room as a life-threatening monster. Researchers have developed several theories, but the exact cause of arachnophobia is not yet fully understood.


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