April 13, 2024

Quirky video from Burma - A sports teacher appears to be filming the military coup while exercising

Quirky video from Burma – A sports teacher appears to be filming the military coup while exercising

As usual, the fitness trainer filmed her workout while unusual scenes were shown in the background. Without realizing it, she filmed the ongoing coup in Burma.

Her aerobic exercise video is widely shared: physical education teacher Kheng Hanin Wai dances during the military coup.

Video: Tamedia

A video clip is currently circulating on social media of a fitness trainer unintentionally doing aerobic exercise Military coup in Burma Filmed. In the unusual shot, the woman was dancing merrily in front of the street leading to the Parliament building, and suddenly a convoy of black SUVs appeared in the background and headed toward the checkpoint.

But Kheng Hanin Wai, who claims to be a sports teacher, doesn’t notice what’s going on behind her – and continues her workout unchecked. Conveniently, the tempo of the song you dance to increases dynamically as the caravan heads toward the checkpoint. The video then shows how the cars stopped, the roadblocks opened and the convoy finally led to the Parliament building. (Read the analysis. “The people will not forgive the generals».)

“I didn’t dance to be famous”

The veracity of the ridiculous video has been questioned several times on Twitter. Rumors spread that the video was filmed in front of a green screen in a studio. The physical education teacher immediately responded to the allegations, saying Tuesday that the recording was indeed real.

She wrote in a Facebook post that she had been filming dance videos in front of Parliament Building 11 months ago and had submitted several videos to prove this. For example, the sports teacher completed her training in the same place on January 21. Kheng Hanin Wai wrote, “I didn’t dance to be famous.” “I came here eleven months ago as part of a fitness dance competition,” she wrote.

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The unsuspecting air dancer video is now a meme. The social media community draws parallels, among other things, with the dystopian Netflix series “Black Mirror” – the odd scene could come straight from the hit series, which, among other things, narrates modern society and its relationship to technology.

The fitness coach has already been included in other historical events on Reddit and Youtube with the help of Photoshop. Suddenly she can be seen dancing during a storm at the Capitol or just before the Hindenburg disaster. A few weeks ago, social media users saw the same thing Bernie Sanders did when a photo spread of him.