July 15, 2024

Norway: Greta Thunberg protests against wind farm

Norway: Greta Thunberg protests against wind farm


That’s why Greta Thunberg of all people is protesting against this wind farm

On Monday, the climate protector handcuffed herself and other young people in front of the Norwegian Ministry of Energy. You criticize the construction of wind turbines in Norwegian Lapland.


A well-known Swedish climate activist chained herself in front of the entrance of the Norwegian Ministry of Energy at the weekend.


  • Climate activist Greta Thunberg has protested against a wind farm in Norway.

  • The facility violates the rights of the indigenous Norwegian population, the Sami.

  • The building was declared unfit for 2021, but the park still stands.

the Climate activist Greta Thunberg Dozens of other activists have joined a protest against wind turbines in Norwegian Lapland. On Monday, protesters said the plant violated the rights of indigenous people in the area. They blocked the entrance to the Norwegian Ministry of Energy, lying on the ground with Sami flags and a poster reading “Back to the Countryside”.

the Mostly young protesters By the Norwegian Sami youth organization NSR-Nuorat and Natur und Jugend they criticized that the wind farm project violated the human rights of the Sami reindeer herders and should be stopped. They had already occupied the entrance to the ministry at the weekend, but were chased down by police on Monday, NRK TV station reported. Then they chained themselves to the main entrance. So the authorities called on employees to work from home.

The construction of the wind farm has already been declared invalid

Norway’s highest court ruled in 2021 that the facility violated the rights of the Sami, whose reindeer herds have grazed there for centuries. However, the wind farm is still in operation.

Energy Minister Terje Asland told NRK that the court declared the wind farm invalid but did not decide what to do with it. The government should make a decision based on the verdict.

Lapland extends from the northern parts of Norway through Sweden and Finland to Russia. The culture of the Sami living there was suppressed in the past, among other things they were not allowed to speak their mother tongue. Today, nomads lead a mostly modern lifestyle, but they still herd reindeer.

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