April 13, 2024

Austria: This happens when you follow your GPS blindly


This is what happens when you track your GPS blindly

St. Gilgen am Wolfgangsee in the Austrian state of Salzburg is a popular destination. The German navigation system was fatal. The local fire department helped him out.


The BMW driver can go no further here.

St Gilgen Fire Brigade

Driving is always prohibited narrow trail, a steep rock face on one side and a lake on the other: none of this stopped the 77-year-old from continuing to drive his BMW until he stumbled. As “Upper Austria News” wrote, oncoming drivers did not prevent the man from driving. “Despite several warnings from bystanders, the driver continued his trek on the hiking trail,” a police spokeswoman said.

The news portal Rosenheim24 reported that the elderly person had reached a critical situation because of his navigation system. It is said that he blindly trusted the electronic assistant. His journey ended abruptly from his BMW I got stuck between the rock face and the parapet.

St. Gilgen municipality firefighters took care of the problem and managed to free the driver from his predicament. The alcohol test performed on the 77-year-old was negative. However, he was reported for violating traffic lights. No one was injured at work.

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