May 23, 2024

Fires are burning in southern Europe - the next heat wave is already coming

Fires are burning in southern Europe – the next heat wave is already coming

The inferno of flames still rages on the Greek island of Evia. Thousands of people were evacuated by ferry. Fires are also raging in Turkey.

The basics in brief

  • The fires in Greece have not been brought under control.
  • Thousands of people were evacuated on the island of Evia.
  • Experts warn: The next heat wave is already approaching southern Europe this week.

In Greece there is no end to hell fire. The fires are still burning, and dozens of villages have been evacuated on the island of Euboea. Satellite images show range from fires.

And satellite images showed, on Monday morning, that the sources of fires in the north of the island were slightly less than they were on Sunday. Perhaps this is due to the fact that shooting You won’t find more food, K TV reported. Most of the forest has now been burned. However, hundreds of homes and at least 35,000 hectares of forest have already been destroyed.

Thousands of people were evacuated by ferry

He is also in Monocaria Firefighter busy to shooting To prevent the extension to the city of Istia. 7000 people live in the small town. Dozens of small towns have been gradually evacuated, the Afghan National Army News Agency reported.

Thousands of people already Leave the island. Horror video: People leaving the island on a ferry. Behind them are the masses of fire.

But it can only be accessed from the ferry shooting To see: You can also see clouds of smoke and the glow of fire on the mainland, which is more than 100 kilometers away.

However, there were also hits on Monday night. Locals were able to use Firefighter Saving some villages from the spread of flames. The Kathimerini newspaper reported that individual houses were burned on the outskirts of some villages. However, city centers remain unchanged.

The smoke makes it difficult to extinguish aircraft

According to residents, there was little air support in some areas. Greek Civil Defense chief Nikos Hardalias blames poor conditions: smoke has limited visibility so much that operations have sometimes been impossible.

To date, there is no accurate information on the extent of the damage. Several Greek media reported that an area of ​​50 thousand hectares is already on fire.

In addition to Euboea, uncontrollable fires are currently raging on the Peloponnese and on the island of Crete. the shooting In Attica, north of Athens, it can be contained for the time being.

The situation in other countries is also critical

Greece is not alone in the heat wave and the fires: people in Italy and Turkey are also fighting shooting-catastrophe. Hundreds of people have been evacuated due to the fires on the Italian Adriatic coast. Five wildfires that are out of control are currently counted in Turkey.

Do you fear the devastating fires in southern Europe?

who – which weather Doesn’t make it better: Monday It starts in southern Europe New heat wave. In many places temperatures rise above 40 degrees.

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