June 16, 2024

Heinz’s search for the Ketchup Shipwreck ends successfully


Elvis lives! The castaway who survived thanks to ketchup gets a new boat

Elvis François survived at sea for 24 days because he ate ketchup, among other things. Heinz was looking for a sailor to give him a new boat. Now there is a happy ending.


47-year-old Elvis François tells of his 24-day adventure at sea.

France Press agency

  • A shipwrecked man has survived more than three weeks at sea.

  • Perhaps Elvis François only survived thanks to the ketchup on the plane, from which he lived.

  • Now Heinz will give him a new boat.

recently dated Ketchup manufacturer Heinz launched a search for Elvis Francois He was able to locate the castaway. After the man was stranded at sea for 24 days surviving mainly on ketchup, the ketchup makers turned to the internet to help locate the drowned man to celebrate his return to the island nation of Dominica and give him a new boat.

“Let’s make Elvis a boat”

François was aware of Heinz’s efforts to locate him but did not have a telephone. A Dominican media outlet called Emo News managed to track him down and verify his identity. A Heinz representative watched live video of François talking to Emo News about his love of travel and offered to help him get a new boat. The rep commented, “We jumped on your DMs — let’s get Elvis his boat!”

Elvis Francois is found.

Emu News

“I spoke to Heinz yesterday and they said they would Trying to organize a boat for meFrancois tells INSIDER. Kraft Heinz confirms that it is in contact with François and is in the process of organizing a new boat for him. More information is expected to be announced on Monday.

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The ship exploded during repairs

François was excited about the potential new boat, saying that depending on its size, he could use it for fishing or touring the Caribbean. His journey begins on Saint Martin in December 2022, when Elvis François’ boat accidentally drifts off while he is doing repairs. Because he had no knowledge of navigation, he was completely disoriented on the open sea.

For 24 days, he survived by eating ketchup mixed with garlic powder and bouillon cubes three times a day. The Associated Press and CNN reported that François was finally rescued 120 nautical miles northwest of La Guajira in northeastern Colombia on Jan. 16 after an aircraft spotted a “Help” sign on his boat.

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