Norway: Authorities warn people about Hvaldemir spy whale


“Don’t play with Hvaldimir” – Norway fears a Russian spy whale

Hvaldemir’s beluga whale has been swimming off the coast of Norway for four years. Experts suspect he is a “Russian spy”. The authorities are now concerned about the animal.


The terrifying beluga whale Hvaldemir is used to getting close to people. But the authorities are concerned that the animal could be injured as the boats pass because of this.


  • In 2019, Hvaldemir’s beluga whale appeared in Norway for the first time.

  • Marine biologists suspect that the whale was trained by the Russian Navy.

  • With a beluga whale currently at a popular vacation resort, authorities are concerned about its safety.

Norwegians are currently being warned not to get too close to a beluga whale. According to experts, it could be on the animal Become a Russian “spy”. The beluga whale is currently found in the Oslofjord region. Residents of the Norwegian capital, Oslo, love to spend their summer holidays there. The beluga whale’s migration to the area has raised fears that it will need to capture it for its safety.

“We have always reported that the whale in question is a wild animal and we see no reason to capture and imprison it,” said Fisheries Director Frank Back-Jensen. The whale is now “in a vulnerable area” and access to food may be restricted. Therefore, the authorities must now examine the measures.

The authorities warn the population

According to the Daily Mail, marine biologists have said in the past that there was “no doubt” that the whale was trained. You mentioned that Russia in the past Beluga whales are trained to “carry out military operations”. A fisherman freed the whale four years ago from a harness that was said to be able to hold monitoring equipment. And the inscription “St. Petersburg equipment” raised doubts about the animal training of the Russian Navy.

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The beluga whale was named hvaldemir after its discovery in 2019, a combination of the Norwegian word for whale (hval) and Vladimir putin, a reference to its possible Russian connections.

According to the Daily Mail, it is a tame animal. She keeps following the shoes and Play with people On board, which can also be seen in various videos. In a statement released yesterday, Buck-Jensen said people should keep their distance “even if the whale is tame and used to being around people.” The aim is to prevent the whale from being injured or, at worst, killed by boat traffic. The whale had already “suffered minor injuries, mainly from contact with the boats”.

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