May 21, 2024

Kennedy’s nephew and US presidential candidate: He had a worm in his brain

A newspaper report said that independent US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy believed that a parasite in his brain was responsible for his memory loss a few years ago. A doctor told him the black spot on his brain was caused by a worm that “got into my brain and ate part of it and then died,” the New York Times reported Wednesday in a 70-year-old affidavit from 2012. Kennedy talked about 2010.

He reportedly visited doctors at the time because he was suffering from memory loss and dizziness. Images of his brain are said to have shown a black spot that doctors initially thought was a brain tumor. According to Kennedy, the doctor had a different explanation and suspected a parasite instead.

Independent US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy.Image: Cornerstone

The affidavit cited by the newspaper came as part of Kennedy’s divorce from his second wife. Kennedy is said to have said at the time: “Clearly I have cognitive problems.” In an interview with The New York Times a few months ago, Kennedy said he had recovered and that the parasite did not require treatment. In the conversation, Kennedy said he didn’t know what kind of parasite was in his brain. It is suspected that he contracted it while traveling through Asia. His spokeswoman made similar comments in an interview with The Washington Post.

According to the New York Times, it could be a tapeworm. When tapeworms infect humans, they often end up staying in the intestines and are treated with medications. In some cases, the worms migrate through the body, for example to the liver or kidneys and in rare cases to the brain. Although there is no way to know, it is unlikely that the parasite is eating part of the brain, one doctor was quoted as saying by the New York Times. Instead, it lives on nutrients from the body.

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Kennedy is the nephew of former President John Kennedy. He has been a Democrat for decades, but has increasingly distanced himself from the party in recent years and broke with Democrats entirely in October 2023 when he announced his presidential bid as nonpartisan. In the recent past, the avowed anti-vax activist has been repeatedly criticized by Democrats and his family members for spreading conspiracy myths and associating with far-right politicians.

According to the New York Times, when asked whether Kennedy’s health problems could affect his suitability for the presidency, his campaign spokeswoman replied: “That’s a funny proposition when you think about the competition.” The presidential election in November will turn into a close race between current President Joe Biden, 81, and his predecessor, Donald Trump, 77. (HCL/SDA/EPA)

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