December 8, 2023

News in brief: Air traffic controllers go on strike in France, MTU issues orders, and Geneva Airport gets a new boss


He hits: French air traffic control will go on strike on Monday (20 November 2023). At Toulouse Airport alone, the number of flights will be reduced by 25 percent, according to France. Ryanair is disturbed by this and said in a statement: Ryanair today (19 November) called on European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to take urgent action to protect the overflights and freedom of movement of EU citizens during the French air traffic control strike on 20 November. There have been 65 days of air traffic control strikes so far in 2023 (more than thirteen times as many as in 2022), forcing airlines to cancel thousands of EU flights from Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the UK, during the period In which France applies the minimum. Service regulations to protect French flights. This is unfair. France (and all other EU countries) must protect flights during air traffic control strikes, as it does in Spain, Italy and Greece, and cancel flights to/from the affected country.

Request books: German engine manufacturer MTU has secured orders worth more than US$500 million at the Dubai Air Show in recent days. Some orders have been created by Emirates Airlines. More about that here.

Personnel Affairs: Geneva Airport is getting a new airport director, Gilles Ruffnacht. As Swiss media reported this week. He succeeds Andre Schneider, who will retire next year.