December 4, 2023

New update includes practical features for your music playlist and PlayStation VR2 titles

Sony has released a new update for the PS5. This includes easy-to-use features for everyone who also wants to listen to music while gaming. Fans of PSVR2 titles were also considered.

Sony regularly offers new updates for PS5 consoles. These are primarily used for system maintenance. Often it just says: “We’ve improved the performance and stability of the system software,” and “We’ve improved messaging and usability on some screens.”

But there’s more to the update that’s been released now. New jobs bring reasonable adjustments to the quality of life. These also apply to the new PS5 models, which should be available in time for Christmas.

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Improvements to music playback and a new option when playing with PlayStation VR2 headsets

What features are in the new system software? Sony has added useful changes to the PS5 console with update 23.02-08.20.00. In Control Center, you can now browse your music categories, playlists, and songs in a more user-friendly way thanks to a new two-column design.

For gamers using PSVR2 headsets, a setting has been added that gives you more options when viewing images on your TV. You can now freely decide whether the camera transfer image should be displayed on your TV or not.

The jump screen allows you to quickly switch between normal gameplay and transparent view. This saves you from having to take off your PSVR2 glasses every time, for example if you want to grab a quick drink or eat something.

What else is there? In addition to these two functions, a new voice command has been integrated. You can search for new PS5 features using the What’s New command. However, this feature is only available in English. Currently, only player accounts from the USA and UK have access to this. It is still unclear when restrictions will be applied to other areas.

When will the update come? Update 8.20 is already available for PS5 and you can download it. After installation and reboot, the new functions are available to you.

How big is the download file? Sony states that the download size is around 1.19GB. This means that even players with slower internet won’t have to wait long for the download to complete.

Patch notes at a glance (via

  • Music in Control Center is now more intuitive to use. Thanks to the two-column design, you can easily browse through different categories, playlists, and songs.
  • You can prevent yourself from accidentally streaming your surroundings while streaming games with PlayStation VR2.

Go to Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2 and enable Block Cross-View on the TV to prevent the camera’s pass-through image from appearing on the TV while using PS VR2.

  • When you say “What’s New” on the screen using your voice command, you can now scan for new PS5 features.

Currently, the voice command (Preview) is only available in English for players with PlayStation Network accounts in the US and UK.

  • We’ve improved messaging and ease of use on some screens.

How do you like the new update? Do you think the features are useful or would you prefer something different? Let us know!

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While Sony can score points with the community with its update policy, console players are upset by one detail about the upcoming slim version of the PS5.