June 21, 2024

New trailer for the Monster Truck Championship

New trailer for the Monster Truck Championship

Nacon and Teyon have released a Next Generation Trailer and Accolades for the Monster Truck Championship, and it’s available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Game description: “In the Monster Truck Championship, players sit behind the wheel of one of the 16 vehicles available and compete in five types of events. The tournaments are held at 25 stadiums and tracks in various cities in the United States. The approach to this driving – rather than relying on arcade action – is granted The Monster Truck Championship provides players with the opportunity to race, stunt, and perform stunts and techniques on the ground and in the air by learning the unique physical properties of these vehicles.

Features of Monster Truck Championship

  • 25 routes in different cities across the United States
  • Five types of events: race, time trial, drag race, freestyle and destroy
  • 16 customizable vehicles with over 50 options
  • Realistic driving including driving physics, including independent front and rear wheel control and adjustment of various mechanical elements such as suspension, transmission and engine
  • Online mode for up to eight players
  • Career mode, in which vehicle management, sponsors, and technicians are done to improve appearance and profits
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