October 4, 2023

New live world: 10,000 players queued

New live world: 10,000 players queued

from Rhonda Bachmann
Amazon MMORPG New World celebrates its release today. Servers opened at 8am on September 28. At 8.30 in the morning there is already a big crush: the German server has a queue of more than 10,000 players.

Players have waited a long time, and now here it is: the open world MMO New World goes online as planned on September 28. Before starting, the game from Amazon was already available Bestseller on Steam to exist. This trend continues on release day, because shortly after the game’s official start at 8am, huge queues were already forming on some servers.

As the MeinMMO website reports, there were queues of around 1,000 players just a few minutes after 8am, but this only increased in the following minutes. The German server Utgard was able to show a queue of more than 10,000 players at 8:30 AM.

Even 90 minutes after launch, queues are still an issue. However, access to the server will now be increased step by step. However, if you can access the server, you will have almost no problems with the game. The performance is clean and the number of players should not be noticeable. However, there should be crashes and black screens in the queues where you can create your character.

When choosing a server In addition to the waiting lists already prevalent, the parliamentary group should also be considered. At the end of the game, the three factions fight for control of different areas. This is where banners can become a problem if they bring in a large number of followers. European servers are expected to have four streaming devices with more than 500,000 subscribers:

  • Fextralife on Hades Servant who will play Covenant
  • Asgard’s honeymoon joins the thieves
  • ZANOXVII on the Inferni server, also with thieves
  • POW3Rtv streaming device will settle on Jotunheim server and play for Syndicate
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