May 18, 2024

New design for Teams private users

In the future, Teams should be easier and simpler for private users than it is when used in a business context. Microsoft recently announced that it has merged the previous two versions (Business and Consumer) (Swiss IT Magazine reported). Now there should be two versions again – but within one application. The Personal Use team should be “more fun and easier,” according to user feedback, which we now want to follow with this step. The changes are currently only available in the Insider build on Windows 11, and when a national rollout is planned is still unknown.

From now on, you'll see different user interfaces, depending on whether you're signed in with your business or a private free account. The changes seem to be exclusively visual in nature: there are larger and more attractive avatars, better feedback, a more airy screen and adjustments to colors and materials, as in Blog post From Microsoft called. Overall, the goal is to create a simpler, more attractive user interface. Unfortunately, you can't see much of it yet – the screenshot posted (see below) is of such poor quality that you as an uninformed person will have to wait a while to get the details. (Wins)

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