May 18, 2024

It's not just about chatting with friends: Meta is integrating a chatbot into WhatsApp

A WhatsApp update will soon bring deeper integration of the chatbot


Meta also relies on WhatsApp's AI. The app gets an easily accessible chatbot.

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  • WhatsApp does have a chatbot, but it is very hidden and difficult for users to access.
  • But now Meta has also started an AI initiative on WhatsApp and wants to integrate the technology prominently into the app.
  • In the future, the tech giant certainly hopes to be able to replace Google.

Meta, the operator of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, also has a publicly accessible chatbot based on artificial intelligence. However, it is much less popular than the offerings from OpenAI, Google, or Microsoft. This is mainly because it is currently only available to a few users.

Meta had already installed the chatbot in WhatsApp last September. However, it is completely hidden and so far only accessible to users in the USA. You can get there by typing “@MetaAI” in a group chat and asking the bot a question.

But the chatbot will soon have a more prominent place on WhatsApp, which could be interpreted as a sign that Meta plans to make the chatbot available in other countries besides the USA, where hardly anyone uses WhatsApp.

An alternative to Google?

Such as “WABetaInfo” mentionedAccess to Meta-AI will soon be possible directly via the search bar. Users can then simply type their questions into the chatbot, just as they already search for keywords in their conversations today.

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Meta certainly hopes to be able to compete with Google in this way. Instead of closing WhatsApp when an issue arises and starting to search on Google, users can be kept in their own app for longer.