May 21, 2024

LG CineBeam Q Portable Projector: The Hollywood Feel at Home and on the Go:

LG Projector cinebeam Q: Hollywood Feeling for Home and on the Go:

LG has announced its new portable projector, CineBeam Q. The device can now be pre-ordered in a compact format. Customers who are in the promotional period until March 31st. If you pre-order via LG's website, you'll get a €200 discount and a high-quality leather protective case using the code CINEBEAMQ. (Source and photos)

LG CineBeam Q


LG CineBeam Q: €1,299

(Pre-order can be made until March 31 with a discount of 200)

Thanks to the extremely space-saving design and the practical 360-degree rotating handle, the LG CineBeam Q can be moved easily and comfortably (Image: LG)

The big strength of the projector, which debuted at CES 2024, is its portability. Thanks to the extremely space-saving design and the practical 360-degree rotatable handle, the LG CineBeam Q can be easily and comfortably moved thus revealing its powerful visual potential practically anywhere. Up to 120 inches in size, CineBeam Q displays clear, vibrant images in 4K UHD resolution. The contrast ratio is 450,000:1, and the DCI-P3 color spectrum coverage is 154 percent.

Impressive pictures

Particularly easy to use: Equipped with automatic screen adjustment, the LG cinebeam Q's integrated autofocus function optimizes image size and placement. This ensures an immersive entertainment experience with minimal setup effort. Thanks to the intuitive LG Webos platform, customers also enjoy seamless access to their favorite content from streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and YouTube via the projector. Content from smart devices can also be easily shared on the LG cinebeam Q using AirPlay 2 and Miracast.

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Even if the Cinebeam Q is not used to project motion pictures, the stylishly designed projector is a real eye-catcher at home and on the go. If desired, the device creates an additional atmosphere using the light drawing function. This image mapping features specific projects on walls or other appropriate surfaces and illuminates its surroundings with soothing mood lighting.