July 15, 2024

OnePlus 9 Pro may come with a Hasselblad camera

OnePlus 9 Pro may come with a Hasselblad camera

It looks like the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro will be a big step forward in camera hardware deployments with the advent of a hypothetical prototype from the Hasselblad brand.

A long standing complaint about OnePlus hardware has been without a doubt poor camera performance. This is despite the inclusion of top notch sensors and a fairly robust interior. new Video by Dave2D It gave us an early look at another prototype of OnePlus 9 that appears to be Hasselblad’s trademark in its rear camera setup.

Of course, the jointly developed lens partnership is not always a guarantee that the camera will match the perceived noise. Hasselblad’s rich history as a leading manufacturer of mid-size cameras means that this could be a sign of a big leap in quality for the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro. You can check out this prototype of the device in the video below:

During the short video clip, we take a look at a quad-camera setup with circular iPhone-style notches mounted to the Hasselblad logo and two other lenses. At this point it’s unclear what the setup consists of, but let’s hope for some important pitfalls with the OnePlus 8 Pro’s 48MP Sony IMX689.

Previous Spreading rumors The OnePlus 9 series will likely come with lenses co-developed with Leica, but Hasselblad appears to be raising awareness of the quality of the upcoming flagship camera ahead of its release. The camera user interface includes a “tilt-shift” mode that refers to a moving lens to create distortion-free images that represent the signature of this type of photography.

The last smartphone company to work with Hasselblad was Motorola to acquire Moto Z3 An additional function that improves the capabilities of the mid-definition camera system there. It wasn’t a huge hit, but let’s hope the mix looks more like a Huawei-Leica partnership than the Moto-Hasselblad team does.

Other Dave2D characters show a curved screen with a slight difference in frame shape for the alarm controller and power button. It’s not clear why this happens, but it is interesting to say the least. One of the weird aspects of the prototype is the About Phone section with 11GB of RAM but no information on the processor. This will most likely prevent further information from being lost

Will this finally give OnePlus 9 a camera that can rival the best in the business? Let us know what you think about this alleged partnership in the comments section below.

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