December 6, 2023

Nassy admits to being a bear jitter for 7 vs. Wild

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From: Aileen Udovenko

In 7 vs Wild, contestants must survive 14 days in the wilds of Canada. Knossi is already dreading the bear’s visit.

Lineups for Hamburg – 7 vs Wild are set. This year the candidates are heading to the wilds of Canada. However, temperature isn’t the only problem for YouTubers in North America. Wild animals are also at home in the woods, and Nossie is already afraid of them.

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Known as Nosy
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7 Vs. Knossi panicked by wild animals in the wild: “Every second wearer encounters bears”

Hence the fear: Nasi is in the midst of preparations for 7 vs. Wild. Along with his teammate Saska Huber, he must survive 14 days in the wilds of Canada. He talks to Ottokerd Karach, his former opponent from the second season, to secure some real survival tips ahead of time. However, this does not calm the Twitch star, but causes more panic in the nostrils.

Knossi panics before a Bear 7 vs Wild: “It’s not fun” © unsplash / Knossi (Montage)

Canada is known for its vast forests and wild animals, and that’s what the streamer is concerned about. He talks about his fears in a live stream with Otto: “Statistically you said every second team faced a bear”. Instead of trying to calm Nasi’s panic, Otto further underlines his statements because he has already seen many bears in the forest.. “Yes in Canada, I’ve never been on tour where I didn’t see at least one bear.” Check out the clip on TikTok here.

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If there really is an animal visit, Robert Mark Lehman should be happy, biologist 7 vs. He also talked about bear attacks in the wild. These dangerous situations are not uncommon, and new candidate Andreas Keeling has already survived a bear attack and serious injuries. Knossi may not assist with this information.

Knossi is afraid of a bear attack – this is how fans react

What fans are saying: Many fans write that in Nazis chat, participants can’t imagine that they are really exposed to such a great danger. But the Twitch star insists: “It’s not funny”. But some fans are seriously worried: “Then someone has to stay awake at night and watch.”

Organizers could have inquired ahead of time which areas had fewer bears. However, it cannot be 100 percent certain that there will be no animal encounters. But right now Canada has a completely different problem because 7 vs. The forest area is currently affected by forest fires.