NASA postpones field operations at the space station

NASA has canceled a planned external mission to the International Space Station (ISS).

The basics in brief

  • Two astronauts must perform an external mission on the International Space Station.
  • This has now been postponed due to the risk of cumulus.

Because of the danger of debris in space US space agency NASA announces a planned field trip for two astronauts for the International Space Station (ISS) canceled. And NASA announced on Tuesday that a similar warning was received on Monday evening.

Because the risks to astronauts cannot be assessed, Thomas Marshbourne and Kayla Barron must IS He did not leave on Tuesday as scheduled. NASA astronauts will have to replace the faulty antenna system and IS It should be left for six hours.

catch up later

She added that the process should take place at a later time. But first, more information must be provided. What kind of ruins have not been detected.

Two weeks ago, the crew had to reach safety on two spaceships docked at the station due to a frightening collision with space debris. A day later, Russia confirmed that its military had tested an anti-satellite missile and had shot down an abandoned satellite. There has been a lot of criticism at the international level that this gives Russia security IS endangered.

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