July 17, 2024

You can now test the Siege Turtle in Guild Wars 2

You can now test the Siege Turtle in Guild Wars 2

in a Guild Wars 2 A beta event kicks off on November 30, where you can try out new content from the upcoming End of Dragons expansion. One such element is the new Siege Turtle mountain. Not only is it huge, but it’s also really massive.

What kind of mount is this? Siege turtle comes with Dragon’s End New Expansion in the game. It’s the largest mountain in Guild Wars 2 so far and has a special function.

Because you can take your fellow players with you in a group or squad on the platform. However, while you are guiding, they can use the skills of the turtle. The mountain has huge cannons that can be fired.

As is common with mounts in Guild Wars 2, the Siege Turtle uses “realistic movement”. This means that it tends to be slow at first and pick up speed over time. However, it has a long braking distance and a huge turning circle – perfectly suited to huge turtles.

This trailer gives you an initial idea of ​​the stand:

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What type of event is taking place? From November 30 to December 4, you can play a Guild Wars 2 demo event on your own. For this you get 3 additional character slots in which you can create ready-made max level characters, Who have access to new elite specialties.

These characters can also use the new stand and move around the game world with regular characters. Make sure, however, to delete all the progress you’ve made with the character.

MeinMMO Editor Alexander Leitsch has already tried the installation for a short time and is already having a lot of fun. Here he summarizes for you his first impressions.

A massive mountain with great rider skills

What makes a carrier so good? At first, I noticed the sheer size of the turtle. The stand competes with one of the other buildings and your character looks ridiculously small.

My character is sitting at the top of the dashboard.

However, it gets really good when you move in with the animal. The tortoise barely moves for the first few seconds, but it rushes quickly.

You can see how your speed runs above the stamina bar. You can only get to the red zone and therefore the maximum speed if you walk straight ahead. Each small turn significantly reduces your speed.

You can also hover briefly above the ground using the space bar. This is especially great if you are jumping off a cliff but don’t want to do damage. Hover is also useful for jumping over obstacles.

However, the tortoise has a decent braking distance and a huge turning circle. Quick maneuvers or short sprints aren’t her forte, but there Other useful mounts in the game.

The owner of the turtle is also subjected to an attack in which the turtle performs a strong blow to the body.

Guild Wars 2 Siege of the Flying Turtles
The giant tortoise can hover above the ground and absorb fall damage.

If a second player joins them, they will not be able to control the turtle, but they can use their own skills:

  • For one thing, while moving, you can fire a cannon shot that deals AoE damage to up to 5 enemies. You have 5 shots that charge themselves over time and regenerate faster the more the turtle runs.
  • On the other hand, you can increase the speed of the turtle for a short time. However, this should be well coordinated with the responsible person. In the first tests, I let my teammates run against the wall with reinforcement.
Guild Wars 2 Turtle Siege Cannon
The second player can fire the cannon and make a huge green explosion while moving.

The new masters of the turtle

In addition to skills, the turtle also comes with some new skills. You can unlock these things after unlocking Turtle Siege:

  • Turtle Health Boost – Doubles Turtle Health
  • Knockout Mastery – Using the slam skill, 0.25 shots are generated for the other player for each enemy blow
  • Improved jumping jets – turtles can jump more and more
  • Power Shell – Incoming damage is converted into ammo for the shooter
  • Sharing is caring – other carriers now also benefit from extra life points for the tortoise

You can level up the controls later by unlocking the stand and then collecting XP after level 80.

What do you say to the turtle? Do you like pregnant women or do you prefer smaller and slimmer ones? And what should be the shape of the ideal stand? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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