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“Monk” returns in one final instance: premiering here

“Monk” returns in one final instance: premiering here

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Updated November 9, 2023 at 8:00 p.m

The TV personality Monk has actually been in well-deserved retirement for 14 years. The neurotic detective now returns for one last case. The first trailer sets you up for the fun.

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The TV series “Monk”, which was also very popular in Germany, ended in 2009 after an impressive 125 episodes. But Emmy Award winner and lead actor Tony Shalhoub (70) will return in December for one final case as Detective Adrian Monk, who suffers from neuroses and phobias. Watch the movie “Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie”. The first trailer has now been released.

That’s what “The Last Case of Mr. Monk: A Monk’s Film” is about.

After a legendary career as a crime fighter, Adrian Monk (Shalhoub) retires. But when his stepdaughter Molly’s (Caitlin McGee, 35) fiancé is found murdered, Monk does everything he can to solve the case, which is very personal to him.

In his streaming film, which Peacock will release in the US on December 8, the main character Monk still suffers from several obsessive-compulsive disorders. For example, returning Jason Gray Stanford (who plays Lieutenant Disher, 53) says in the trailer, “He’s afraid of heights. It’s his second greatest fear after germs,” ​​while returning Traylor Howard (57), who plays A.D. Natalie Tieger, explains: “Actually the order: germs, needles, birds, and then comes the fear of heights.”

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A German home or start date has not yet been set for The Last Case of Mr. Monk: A Monk Movie.
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