September 29, 2023

Microsoft is providing OneDrive with an offline mode

September 15, 2023 –
In November, Microsoft wants to introduce offline mode in Onedrive as a preview. This allows certain file operations to be performed even when there is no Internet connection.

Microsoft wants to expand its internal cloud storage to include the ability to edit files even without an Internet connection. This week the group has Roadmap from Microsoft 365 expands with announcement of offering offline mode. This should allow certain file operations to be performed even when there is no cloud connection. As Microsoft wrote, you can use it to start Onedrive in the browser and view, sort, rename, move, copy, or delete files without Internet access. Additionally, locally stored Onedrive files that are marked as always available offline can be opened and edited in the browser, even when there is no internet connection. Changes made offline will then be automatically synced when the connection is restored.

Currently, offline jobs are only available on a limited scale. Onedrive files can be edited in Windows, but only if they are saved locally consistently.

Microsoft wants to launch offline mode as a preview in November. The new feature will be generally available early in December. (research and development)

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