May 22, 2024

Microsoft introduces the new Teams app for multiple accounts

Microsoft launches unified Teams app. As previously known (reported by Swiss IT Magazine), the Redmond-based company is capping off many versions for private use and “for work or school.” Instead, with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26080 for the Canary and Dev channels, the updated version is available for the first time, allowing you to easily switch between different cloud environments, tenants, private and professional accounts, as Microsoft did in one Blog post The insured.

For this purpose, users can select another account or add a new account by clicking on the profile picture at the top right. When entering meetings, Teams actively asks which account to use. But it should also be possible to participate without prior registration. In addition, the accounts in question can be pinned privately using separate icons in the taskbar.

The unified app in preview is currently called Microsoft Teams (work or school). In the future it will just be called Microsoft Teams. However, the (free) consumer Microsoft Teams app will disappear.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26080 is now available for download. The new Teams app will launch publicly with Windows 11 24H2 next fall. (sta)

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