December 5, 2023

LinkedIn reaches 1 billion users and increasingly relies on AI functionality

After former German competitor Xing finally abandoned being a social network for professionals and turned into a job exchange, Linkedin is now coming out with a big message: We have now crossed the 1 billion user cap. So far, only very large social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or TikTok have been able to do this. Linkedin, which has been a subsidiary of Microsoft for many years, also generates a lot of revenue. In fiscal year 2023, which ended in mid-2023, sales exceeded $15 billion for the first time.

Large portions of these sales come from advertising, but also from premium accounts for paying users, who thus unlock more features. In order to upgrade these premium accounts, for which you pay hundreds of euros annually, Linkedin has been increasingly using artificial intelligence since this year. New functionality was recently introduced based on Microsoft partner technology OpenAi and ChatGPT7GPT-4.

LinkedIn offers artificial intelligence for writing applications

New AI features for information and job search

AI analyzes posts in the feed – from comments at the top of articles to the conversation below, and then displays longer articles, videos and posts with information that could be useful to the user. “So you can spend your valuable time responding to them,” LinkedIn says. Additionally, Bing search engine results are used to enrich this information.

In addition, job searching is enhanced using artificial intelligence. This should be able to check whether a particular position suits the user and should also help in determining the optimal placement of open positions. In addition, searching for jobs, companies, industries and even interview preparation is supported with the help of artificial intelligence.

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At Linkedin, like their parent company, they believe strongly in artificial intelligence and automation — so much so that 700 jobs, many on the development team, were cut recently in a new wave of layoffs.

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