February 23, 2024

Late-night note for the capital • Berlin.Table

  • Hessen and the consequences: what the Rhine decision brings to Söder
  • Equality in education: The Social Democratic Party wants private money
  • The new British Foreign Secretary: criticism from Parly, praise from McAllister
  • Political advice: Helge Braun calls for better rules
  • IT Security: BSI chief warns of major attack
  • Israel: German scientists must help
  • Education: FDP is a young political party for more non-academics
  • Security: More German soldiers in Bosnia?
  • Africa: GermanSome companies remain loyal to Nigeria

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Few things in politics are as fleeting as success. It was two years ago Saskia Eskin And Lars Klingbeil It still helps with that Olaf Schulz He was elected as the first chancellor of the Social Democratic Party in 16 years. A repeat of this success in two years is now extremely unlikely. The SPD’s top duo still wants to try. They will both run again at the Social Democratic Party congress at the beginning of December and then work to re-elect Schulz.

Whether too Boris Ryan It is difficult to say that he actually had the federal election in mind when he made his decision for Hesse. But it can be considered that the chances of union are increasing. We look today Markus Söder In Bavaria, where the decision taken by Rhein may have aroused completely different feelings. We also have with Helgi Brown The former Minister of the Chancellery spoke Angela Merkel. He offers interesting advice on which policy advisors the federal government should rely on.

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