May 22, 2024

Pilot project at EM – No more packaging formation? Only captains should be allowed to complain – Sports


UEFA wants to put an end to packing formations. Therefore, only the captain should be allowed to test at the European Championships in Germany.


Such scenes must be prevented

Four German players harass the referee.

imago/team 2

“Justifying a decision when 22 players are talking to you is impossible,” Roberto Rossetti, head of referees at UEFA, was quoted as saying in a statement, adding: “The match can quickly get out of control, damaging football’s reputation.”

That is why, according to Rossetti, at the upcoming European Championships in Germany, “only the team captain who wants to discuss the decision should be allowed to address the referee.” Those players who ignore the role of captain, complain to the referee or behave in a disrespectful manner should be warned.

More justifications

In return, referees must explain their decisions to teams more often. “Game officials will be encouraged to communicate openly with leaders in order to create a respectful atmosphere,” Rossetti said.

It remains to be seen whether the rule will actually be implemented consistently. UEFA is certainly playing a leading role in its initiative.

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