April 25, 2024

last chance!  These PS Plus games are about to be phased out

last chance! These PS Plus games are about to be phased out

If you want to download PS Plus games from March 2022 on PS4 and PS5, this is your last chance. The offer will disappear from the PS Store or from your subscription tomorrow. Now you can see which games slip through your fingers until when you still have time.

When will the March games end? There is no exact time, but the show will be exchanged on Tuesday, April 5th around noon. From then on, you’ll only find new free games in the PS Store.

What games can I download? In March, you can have a total of four matches. less:

Highlight of PS Plus in March


Our video preview of Ghostrunner.


Our video preview of Ghostrunner.

This is what it’s about: Ghostrunner is a first-person action game in a dark cyberpunk environment where your character jumps, climbs, climbs, slides and climbs through levels, similar to the course game Mirror’s Edge, killing enemies with a futuristic katana.

Highlights of the game: You and your opponents die after just one hit, so you should plan your every move well. So that the whole system does not become too monotonous, you can use various special abilities and thereby slow down time, for example.

Other games shown in March in brief

ARK: Suvival Evolved It is an open world dinosaur survival game that you can play either offline or online. If you decide to play multiplayer then you should pay attention to your aggressive fellow players as well as dinosaurs.

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Sonic Racing Team A fun classic Mario Kart-style racer where you race for victory with characters from the Sonic world, collecting offensive and defensive items and using them against your opponents. By the way, this also applies to co-op (local) and multiplayer modes.

Team Sonic Racing is a fun alternative to Mario Kart.
Team Sonic Racing is a fun alternative to Mario Kart.

ghost legends tsushima It is a multiplayer standalone samurai game for PS4 of the same name. It includes, among other things, story missions that you can play in a co-op mode, but also a kind of crowd mode for four players.

PS Plus games in April 2022

The “free” games of this month are already known and you can even download one of them. As usual, we have summarized the games you can expect and the ones you should not miss in a detailed article.

Which game from the March squad was your highlight?