December 10, 2023

Microsoft deploys iMac instead of Windows PC

Microsoft deploys iMac instead of Windows PC

Microsoft Windows account Very active on Twitter. In addition to the usual marketing messages, there are now and then memes and funny things to read. This combination has given the account 6.9 million followers so far.

Not intended to be a joke, but still funny to many followers, was a post from last week. It reads: “Spring Cleaning? Check out these tips from Microsoft’s Carmen Zlatif on how to organize your device so it runs safely and smoothly.” Apple iMac to see.

The embarrassing error may have occurred because a member of the social media team used an iMac in the making of Microsoft Surface Studio 2 set up. Several users on Twitter immediately noticed the bug and laughed at it.

It took Microsoft a little longer to notice the error. The tweet was deleted a few hours later. In the Internet Archives Is it still found.

The next day, Microsoft retweeted it, this time with an image of a Surface Notebook. Of course that didn’t escape the followers’ attention either, and there were once again some sarcastic remarks.

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