May 21, 2024

King Charles has cancer – Harry returns to Great Britain

The palace announced bad news to King Charles on Monday.Photo: AP Pool/AP/Frank Augustin

the Royal family

Jennifer Ulrich

Only a few days before, King Charles III had submitted. Surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The palace commented on this in extraordinary detail. King was released shortly after the procedure and would like to recover at home for a while.

But now there is bad news: King Charles is suffering from cancer. Prince Harry will reportedly travel to Great Britain soon.

King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer

Charles doesn't have prostate cancer – that's just what we know so far. “Another cause for concern was identified during the King's recent treatment in hospital for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Subsequent diagnostic tests revealed a form of cancer,” the palace said.

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On Monday, Charles began “regular treatments.” He continued: “Doctors advised him not to carry out any public tasks during this period.” However, Charles wants “state business and official papers” to be carried out as usual.

Charles is optimistic in the statement. He hopes to return to full service soon. He also thanks “the medical team for the rapid intervention that was possible thanks to the procedure he recently underwent in the hospital.”

Archive – September 20, 2023, France, Paris: King Charles III.  In a ceremony held at the Arc de Triomphe.  (To the German Press Agency:

Charles was diagnosed with cancer.Photo: EPA POOL via AP/Yoan Valat

“His Majesty the King has chosen to share his diagnosis to avoid speculation and in the hope that it will enhance public understanding of all people affected by cancer around the world,” the palace continued.

Prince Harry travels to Great Britain

as BBC According to reports, after the diagnosis, Charles also became in contact with Harry, who is known to live in California with his wife, Meghan. The Duke of Sussex is reportedly planning to travel to Great Britain in the next few days to support his father – Although the relationship between the two has been tense for years.

On the other hand, the fact that Charles is confident and holding out on the prospect of his imminent return to public life could give all royal fans reason for hope. Of course, it remains to be seen how the current treatment will affect the king.

Charles has been recovering from the stress of prostate surgery at his country home, Sandringham House, since 31 January. Last weekend, he attended Sunday Mass at Sandringham with Queen Camilla and waved to photographers in a good mood. The shock of the current diagnosis is even greater.