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Kicks to the referee's chair - Zverev completely freaks out in Acapulco

Kicks to the referee’s chair – Zverev completely freaks out in Acapulco

Alexander Zverev mistreated the referee’s chair in Acapulco.Photo: screenshot

Panic with consequences: 24-year-old German Alexander Zverev made a poor move after a double defeat in Acapulco and was promptly disqualified by the ATP from the tournament.

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Alexander Zverev blew his entire fuse in Acapulco after losing a double match. After shaking hands at the net, the 24-year-old German stepped directly into the referee, but instead of shaking his hand as usual, he hit his racket three times on the referee’s chair with full force. He almost hit the referee in the foot.

And Zverev could not calm down at all: at first he sat on the players’ bench, but soon got up again for a quarrel with the referee. “You screwed up the whole match,” the singles Olympic champion yelled at the referee before hitting his racquet on the chair again with big punches.

Zverev hits his racket four times on the referee’s chair.Video: streamja

But what really happened? Along with partner Marcelo Melo, Zverev lost to lucky losers Lloyd Glasspool/Harry Heliovara 2:6, 6:4, 6:10. In the third set tiebreak, the current world seed 3 saw a ball from Glasspool with a score of 6:8 clearly in the sideline and immediately signaled this to the referee.

“The ball is out. The ball is far away,” he cried desperately and soon became abusive for the first time:

But he saw it differently and gave the ball well. So it was 6:9 and three balls match, instead of 7:8 from Zverev/Mello’s point of view. The spectators loudly acknowledged the event. A little later, Finn Heliovara finished the match with a header.

It is very likely that the lack of sleep is the cause of the irritability of Zverev. The German won his first singles match against Jenson Broxby yesterday after 3:20 3:6, 7:6 and 6:2, but only turned match point at 4:54 local time. PART OF TENNIS HISTORY – No match in ATP history has ended much later.

However, the tournament in the Pacific capital of Mexico had already ended for Zverev: the ATP immediately responded to this madness with a cruel penalty and excluded the German from the individual competition.

“what should have happened”

About Instagram Zverev posted his apology on Wednesday afternoon. The German wrote that it was impossible to describe in words the extent of his remorse for his behavior during and after the match. He apologized to the chair judge because his anger towards him was wrong and unacceptable. Zverev also wrote that he is disappointed in himself and that it should never have happened: “No excuse. I also want to apologize to my fans, the championship and the sport I love. “

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Zverev explained in his book Post office You also know that he always gives everything on the field. Yesterday it was very clear: “I will use the coming days to reflect on my actions and how I can ensure that something like this never happens again.”

Screenshot: instagram / alexzverev123

Melman – Attracting attention

John Millman’s evening was also strange: the 32-year-old Australian fell 6-7, 0-2 to American Marcus Jeron when he sustained a strange eye injury and had to retire as a result.

Millman accidentally tried to intercept a poor serve at first from behind his back, but unfortunately he swerved the ball and shot it straight into his right eye. The world number 80 appeared to be in excruciating pain – he sat in his chair shortly after but was unable to continue playing. It is not yet clear the extent of the damage to Millman’s eye.

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Tennis player with at least two Grand Slam titles (since 1968)

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