July 12, 2024

K-pop streams have (almost) doubled.

K-pop streams have (almost) doubled.

Dota strikes a nerve of its era, or many of them, with its music that has you jumping, dancing, pausing, jumping off the quarry lake jetty, swimming and diving. She mixes folk music with indietronica and allows her love of Brazilian music to shine here and there. She has won the Fred Jay Award and the German Recording Critics’ Award. She unwittingly writes little hymns, records one record after another, always imagining her future best hit and earning herself the title of the toughest touring woman in German show business. At one of the parties, a fan gave her a booklet written by: Masha Kaliko. Dutta is passionate about the directness of the poems and the conciseness of the language and came up with a plan to extract the music from the texts. The simple elegance and timeless appeal of her hair fits Dotta Care like a glove. Masha Kaliko began writing in Berlin in the 1920s, and her first poems were pointed sketches of everyday life in Berlin. This sister, in the spirit of Joachim Ringelnatz or Erich Kastner, created her sincere, sometimes satirical, often sincere, urban poetry in Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s, before she had to immigrate to New York as a German Jew.

Discoveries in Calico’s volumes of poetry, essays, notes and diaries provide sufficient material for a second recording, as with Calico’s first album (Allen Coyne, Ota Kaepernick, Felix Mayer, Max Prusa, Francesco Wilking, Konstantin Wecker, Hans Vedder). Well-known colleagues: Gisbert zu Kneifhausen, Dirk von Lützow (Tocotronic), Fannie van Daanen, Sarah Lesch.

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From September 2023, DOTA will start touring with their second Kaléko album “In the Farthest of the Knights”. Songs from Calico’s two albums and some of the band’s own compositions will be heard. Acoustic, concert, exciting: “KALÈKO” is a wonderful musical tribute to the great work of Mascha Kaléko by one of the most interesting German-speaking bands of the moment!